Free No-S.W.E.A.T. Consultation

Having a little trouble deciding how you want to break a S.W.E.A.T.? Schedule a free consultation with our lead coach Elvis Fisher to find out which option is best for you.

Elvis Fisher

Strength Within Everyone at All Times

Every session at BetterU Performance is designed to help you reach your individual workout goals while developing inner and outer strength. Whether you want to burn fat, add size, build muscle, or simply just train like the pros, you’ll develop true strength and personal growth in every session, embark on a rigorous yet results-driven workout plan, and move forward with full confidence knowing that you have what it takes to reach your goals both inside the gym and out. 


One-on-one Coaching

With the help of our professional, certified strength and conditioning coaches, you’ll embark on a customized, results-driven workout plan designed with your specific goals and gains in mind. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just need a little help getting back into the flow of an exercise routine, you’ll receive full support in every exercise you do and realize you’ve got everything it takes to become a stronger, happier version of yourself.

Strength S.W.E.A.T.

These are our small-group adult strength sessions. Each day, we focus on a new objective with a personalized design, aiming to offer the BEST strength and conditioning program in town. Centered around compound lifts, we will teach you how to utilize a barbell in the most effective way. We guarantee that with our exceptional coaches guiding you throughout your training sessions, you'll become stronger, leaner, more athletic, and remain injury-free. This is strength and conditioning designed for the working professional. Come and discover how you can become the strongest, BEST version of yourself.

Dumbbells & Diapers

Our mission, was to create a space for YOU! The Moms out there who are ready to get back to their heath and fitness and be able to train with your baby by your side! You are STRONG! You are BEAUTIFUL! You are READY to train safe, with your baby, and have some fun in an amazing community of moms like YOU! Come train with US!

Youth Performance

Building confidence through positive coaching that cultivates intrinsic motivation throughout each individual athlete daily, that makes it FUN to succeed and perform at your highest level!

This has been my mission statement for what I want my coaching to represent since before BetterU Performance was even a thing! I have played football at every level from high school, to division 1 college, to the NFL. I have been training since I was 12 years old. I have 2 degrees from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Education degree in Sports Psychology.

I am a certified Strength and Conditioning specialist. I have been coaching kids and adults professionally for over 10 years. I want to make sure you know that your child is in great hands. I can guarantee, with our youth performance program, your child will become stronger, faster, leaner, injury resistant, more positive, more confident, and have an edge against their competition no matter what the sport!

Nutritional Guidance

While we aren’t registered dietitians, our team is here to provide nutritional guidance through macro calculation, weekly emails, daily check-ins with a coach, and much more! We’re committed to creating a customized yet easy-to-follow roadmap that works specifically for you, your body, and your needs. Your greatest asset in achieving your goals is accountability—that’s what we are here for. When times get tough, we, as your coaches, will be here for YOU!

Online Sessions

We understand that you might be out of state, have a home gym setup, or simply might not feel comfortable training in person. That’s OK! You still deserve the best programming from our team. We’d like to invite you to explore an online session with BetterU’s virtual application. Whether you want us to create an individualized workout plan, offer nutritional guidance, or if you simply want to follow along with our results-driven strength and conditioning exercises, we’re here to make you S.W.E.A.T. We'll work you so hard we’ll almost be able to smell you through the screen!

When you join Better U Performance, you’ll build confidence through positive coaching that cultivates intrinsic motivation throughout your everyday life, making it not only rewarding but also incredibly easy and fun to perform at your highest level.