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The BetterU Performance team broke their first official droplet of S.W.E.A.T. on January 1, 2020. Yep, that’s right – we started right at the beginning of a global pandemic.

The BetterU Performance team broke their first official droplet of S.W.E.A.T. on January 1, 2020. Yep, that’s right – we started right at the beginning of a global pandemic.

Resilience, grit, positive energy, and hard work are the main reasons we’re still here today doing what we love most and rising to new challenges. With a team of experts in exercise science, sports psychology, sports performance, adult and youth group fitness, and our fearless leader Elvis Fisher, we’re here to build you that very same foundation.

Who We are

Whether you’re wanting to train like a true athlete or need an individualized workout plan that actually drives results, we’ve got just what you need to become a BetterU. Get ready to revamp your exercises, correct your form, receive nutritional guidance, and become the strongest, most mentally clear version of yourself possible.

When you walk through our doors, you’re going to have your work(outs) cut out for you — but that’s the only way you’ll get the results you deserve. You’ll put in the maximum effort in a supportive and positive environment, S.W.E.A.T. heavy, and build strength both physical and mental. If you have bad form, we’re going to tell you, and we’re going to make you try until you get it right. This way, you can move forward with full confidence knowing you’re exercising in a way that actually works for your individual needs, provides tangible results, reduces the risk of an injury, and will never make you miss out on reaching your goals.

In or out of the gym, BetterU Performance has your back. Enjoy personal check-ins with our coaches, guidance with goal setting, and becoming part of a group of hardworking, driven individuals who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty to make their dreams come to life.

Why Choose Us?

The stronger you are, the harder it is to break you. At BetterU, there’s no lies and no sugarcoats – you’re going to work hard so you actually get the results you deserve. Intimidated? Don’t be! Our coaches are here to support you every step of the way, and when you look back on all you’ve accomplished after just one session, you’ll find it’s not only rewarding but also fun to build the body and lifestyle of your dreams.

No lies and no sugarcoats 100%
Working hard 95%
Coaches Support 100%
Sport Nutrition 95%

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Better u performance is not just a gym.
It's a lifestyle!

With a bachelors in sports and nutrition, a masters in sports psychology, and having been a football captain for the University of Missouri for 2 years, Coach Elvis is here to build you a positive mindset and a stronger self. While he more than understands that challenges happen, he’s going to show you that you’ve got just what it takes to come back from anything life throws at you. When you work out with Coach Elvis, you’ll see how fun it is to succeed and perform at your highest level, and you can finally rest easy knowing you’ve got all the resources and support you need to build strength and happiness both inside and out of the gym.

Favorite Quote: “IF it were easy, everyone would do it.

Fitness wasn’t always a passion of mine, it was something I kinda fell into. I loved playing sports as a kid and all through high school and even during college. But it wasn’t until my senior year of college I really started working out for ME!

I love the feeling working out gives me and how I’m able to stay healthy and active for my family. I started coaching in 2016 doing group fitness and since then helping others achieve their goals has become a new passion for me. I was over weight as a kid so being able to help those wanting to better themselves through weight lifting and even nutritional guidance is something I love!

I love lifting heavy and trying to push my limits! The atmosphere at BetterU is perfect for that! I’m not a fan of running, unless I’m being chased

Favorite Quote: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -Walt Disney.” 

Growing up I have always lived an active lifestyle. I played sports, i danced and was a cheerleader. Now i am a cheerleader in a different capacity, by being your coach, your #1 fan!

I got the itch for working out when i was young and used to go to the gym with my dad. Those are some fond memories i have with him. And now, i am making those memories with my two daughters.

I have been teaching group fitness for 6+ years and I absolutely love it. There is a certain kind of joy that comes with helping someone, not only to set new goals, but to reach them!

Working out is an outlet for me. For that hour or more i can let everything go and focus on me. I love feeling strong and seeing what my body can accomplish. Fitness has always been an important factor in my life, but became even more important since starting my family. I not only want to take care of myself for me, but for them. I want to stay around for as long as i can and to lead by a good example!

Favorite quote – “People will forget what you said, people will forget what did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Hey all! My name is Jace. I am 32 years of age, married with two wonderful daughters, and have a pit bull named Bodhi. We moved to Austin in 2019 from Chicago. My partner Shelby and I are nomadic spirits and met each other in Saint George, Utah of all places. I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho where I then moved to Denver, Colorado to finish up my last two years of high school. In 2011 I received my NASM CPT and began my personal training journey.

A few years later I received my GFI from ACE where I began coaching group classes which is my favorite! My love for fitness then transitioned into Yoga and Meditation. I received my first 200HR RYT certification in 2016, received another 200HR a year after that and more recently went to India (with Shelby) where we both completed our 500HR cert up in Rishikesh. I am well versed in many modalities of movement. I have experience in coaching kettle bells, TRX, HIIT, cycling, CrossFit, and more. Learning how to move my body fascinates me and I am constantly exploring what it can and cannot do. 

As your coach, my goal is to always accomplish two things; keep you as safe as possible and have as much fun as possible. Anything other than that is bonus! I am diligent in ensuring proper movement mechanics are met. If I offer anything to you, it is always in your best interest. I want to make you a better more efficient mover! I love to offer progressions and continually seek challenge for those who want it. I also love offering other options for those that might have certain limitations. 

I am looking forward to growing and accomplishing amazing stuff with you!

Favorite Quote: “When you feel good, feel even better!” – Kevin Trudeau 

I moved to the Austin area when I was 9 years old. Football became an outlet for me to make friends. As I grew older, I got better at my work ethic and intensity, and in that process, I learned the value of channeling your energy towards a goal. Seeing success in both high school and college, I was blessed to learn what it took for individuals and teams to succeed.

I didn’t truly fall in love with fitness until years after college. My weight was north of 300 pounds, and I was trying to show my little brother how to lift weights. This was my turning point. I decided to lead by example and did everything he did as I programmed it out for both of us. Over the next two years, I had lost 80 pounds. My brother’s teammates started doing the workouts and coworkers began taking notice of me and asking for some one-on-one help.

Over this time, I realized coaching was my passion. All I wanted to do was study, train, and learn. I kept applying this to the athletes I had and I saw great results. My name started spreading by word of mouth and pretty soon I had to convert my double garage unit into a full gym to accommodate the different people I was training. My client base was wide, ranging from 50 years old to 12 years old. In the back of my mind, training athletes was all I could think about.

Once my high school athletes started receiving recognition and scholarship opportunities, my focus shifted to getting them ready for the next level while growing the number of high school athletes I could train.

I have been coaching for 9 years and have held titles such as Head S&C & OL Coach on the high school varsity level, Head S&C & OL Coach on the semi-professional level, Owner and Trainer of GRIT Fit, and now BetterU Sports Performance Coach!

I coach you to get the absolute best out of you that day, understanding that not every day is the same. My past experiences help me relate to anyone at any stage in their fitness journey. I love what I do and feel blessed for the opportunity to learn and grow with all my BetterU community!

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” -Dale Carnegie

I was always around some kind of physical activity while growing up. Halfway through my life, both my mother and father really dove into a “fitness journey” and lifestyle. Inevitably, it would be something I fell into myself, although I fell deeper into it. I played sports on and off the entirety of middle school and eventually discovered weightlifting around 8th grade and fell in love.

I love to push myself and challenge what I can do as a person. I’ve helped many people in my life reach their fitness goals and the feeling is ecstatic. Since then, it’s been my desire and passion to help people reach their goals and push themselves to surpass any expectations they may have set for themselves.

I love working out and am addicted to the progress. As with many other people, working out can be an outlet for me and let me work off any stress or problems going on in my life. My goal is to max out the potential my body has and strive for more. You have such little time on this earth and I want to make the most of it.

Favorite quote: “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. -Stephen Richards”

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