What are the benefits of one on one personal coaching?

One-on-one Personal Coaching is one of the most proven forms of coaching among athletes and individuals who wish to achieve goals. Personal Coaches help you reach your goals, stay motivated, and avoid the feeling of being lethargic. They understand your needs and capabilities, thereby devising personalized plans to help reach your goals, whether the fat loss, weight gain, or body recomposition. One-on-one personal coaching has multiple benefits: personal coaching can help you stay motivated and keep you on track. This becomes an asset when individuals don’t have an intrinsic motivation to reach their goals.

There are multiple benefits when it comes to one-on-one personal coaching, and it can become an asset to your health and well-being. Here are some of the top benefits of one-on-one coaching m.

1) Guidance

It often happens that we cannot determine our goals or keep a goal but fail to reach the target. For instance, when you want to gain weight, and you’ve tried everything, workout consistently, and you still don’t get results. This tends to demotivate you, and you give up completely. Instead, you will get results and achieve your goals with one-on-one coaching. You will see the difference in your physique, which will help you stay motivated. Your personal coach will give you guidance and set your goals or reach your goals. Hence, doing it the right way can be helpful in your fitness journey.

2) Customized plan

When you set a goal yourself, the first thing you do is Google it. For instance, you want to gain abs and find exercises to do and learn about terms such as BMI, body fat percentage, calories deficit, and more. However, it becomes difficult to understand and incorporate this into your personal routine. Hence, making the path to your goal hazy without any guidance. Therefore, with one-on-one personal coaching, you can get a customized plan specific to your body and your needs. This will help you fast-track the process of reaching your goals and become the best version of yourself.

3) Push your limits

One-on-one personal coaching will allow your coach to understand your abilities and help you set attainable goals. This makes your coach know every aspect of your performance and endurance. Hence, your coach will know every aspect of you to enhance your performance and get you customized plans. Your coach will also know about your limits and help you push that help while becoming the best version of yourself. Working out without a coach will make you feel demotivated over time, and you will not progress in your sets. Hence, one-on-one personal coaching can help you stay motivated and push your limits.

4) Track results

With a one-on-one coaching session, your coach will keep track of your performance, changes in weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and other fitness tracking factors. A one-on-one coach will keep track of your progress, suggest changes, and optimize your workout and diet plans. Results tracked by an expert will help you navigate your goals easily. When results aren’t tracked about your progress, you will get yourself demotivated and start self-doubting yourself. This can be easily avoided when you have a one-on-one personal coach. Hence, you can get quicker results when you have a one-on-one personal coach to help you reach your goals.

5) Getting the right form

Many beginners or even regular gym-goers make mistakes, especially when they are not guided in the right way. For instance, many demonstrate the exercise but fail to follow the right form. For instance, when you do a bicep curl, your elbows should not touch your sides and should remain in the same place when the dumbbells are pricked up. In addition, many beginners make the mistake of not picking up the right and not targeting the right muscle group despite consistency. Hence, a one-on-one personal coach will help you do exercises in the right form and target muscle groups effectively.

6) Insights into your body type

If you aren’t aware, there are three different body types that one can have, viz: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. It becomes easier to reach your fitness goals when you determine your body type. This includes managing your calories, exercise schedule, and more. Your one-on-one personal coach will help you gain insights into your body type and get you a customized plan. Hence, you will get a targeting plan solely designed for you instead of googling for general results. In this way, your personal coach will help you make some tweaks to your diet and your workout for optimal results.

7) Hold you accountable

Have you been working out without someone to hold you accountable? For instance, you do two sets of a workout instead of three and get away with it. It becomes easier to be in your comfort zone and not complete your target exercise in such scenarios. A one-on-one personal coach will keep you accountable and help you reach your targets. This way, you will become better each day and not feel laid back from completing your exercise or skipping it, especially on leg day. Hence, a personal coach will help you be accountable and complete your fitness targets.

8) Find the ideal workout

When you have a personal coach, they observe your performance closely. They keep records, compare them with past performance, track your calories, and project a new workout plan. This will allow you to get ideal workout plans based on your goals with effective muscle target exercise. Apart from this, if you are bored with repetitive workouts, your personal coach can give you new workouts and help you stay motivated. You will also be introduced to new exercises which have been proven to get effective results.

9) Nutritional Advice

Well, one-on-one personal coaches don’t provide specific nutritional advice, but they can help you with a general nutritional plan that can aid your fitness journey. Many clients find this to be quite an asset as it helps them get genuine results. Hence, you can get a general overview of your protein intake, nutrition, etc. It is also important to note here that exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand as both are equally important for progress.

10) Flexible Timings

One-on-one personal coaches have flexible timings, and you don’t have to wait for a specific time slot. This will help you do your other tasks on time and not move your schedule around. Flexible timings will also allow you to stay motivated and do your exercise daily, even though you missed out on your regular time slot.

11) Mental Health Buddy

Physical exercise is known to have positive effects on your mental health. For example, improved blood circulation in your body will make you feel better and improve serotonin levels in your body. Your personal coach will also help you feel confident about yourself and take an interest in your career and goals. Hence, you will feel supported, which will help you stay confident and strong in your daily life.

12) Know what you are doing

Doing exercises without knowing what it targets is like taking medicines and not knowing their use. This analogy clearly explains that many individuals exercise but don’t know which muscle groups it targets. For instance, with lat pull down, you target muscles like biceps brachii, rotator cuff, pectoralis major, and latissimus. Hence, you will be educated about what you are doing with a one-on-one personal coach.


There are multiple benefits of having a one-on-one personal coach to help you reach your fitness goals. However, it ultimately depends on your preference and ability to cope with the training. While a personal coach will guide you and help you improve your performance, you need to have intrinsic motivation to give your best.