What Exercises Are Best for Small Group Personal Training?

Want to feel energetic, motivated, and happy! The simple solution is to exercise. The benefits attached to regular exercise are hard to ignore. Numerous benefits of exercise will help you lead to a healthier and happier life.

  1. Weight Control through exercise

Exercise helps to prevent weight gain and also maintain weight loss. Any kind of regular physical activity will burn excess calories. Intense training will burn more calories. Regular exercise is great. You need to find time to exercise each day. Even a little activity is better than no activity at all. You get better results from exercise if you are active throughout, and remember- Consistency is the key to success.

  1. Positive impact on the health conditions

Heart Diseases, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Obesity are just a few deadly names we do not wish to encounter. No matter what your current condition is, exercising daily will boost the “good” cholesterol and reduces unhealthy triglycerides. It regulates the blood flow and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Daily exercise manages many health concerns, like Stroke, High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, Anxiety, Arthritis, Metabolic syndrome, Depression, and many types of cancer.

  1. Mood up-lifter

At times you feel anxious or depressed. You need some emotional lift and release the stress after a long, tiring day. A brisk walk or a gym session can help. Exercise stimulates the brain chemicals and makes you feel relaxed, happier, and less anxious. It helps to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

  1. Feel Energetic

At times you feel tired and worn out after a long day. You may even be bored of doing the household chores. Regular exercise will enhance your endurance and muscle strength. It helps in the supply of nutrients to various body parts and aids in the smooth working of the cardiovascular system. The lung and heart health improves, and you feel energetic to tackle work again.

  1. You get better sleep

You may be facing a tough time when trying to calm down your mind and get a good sleep. Regular exercise can help you with the sleep disorders and get a sound sleep. Remember not to exercise around your bedtime as it fills you with energy.

  1. Improve your sex life

You may feel a lack of attraction towards the partner if you are out of shape. You may even feel tired every time you think of getting intimate. Regular exercise will improve the body’s energy levels and boost your confidence and sex life.

  1. Exercise in groups will make you social

Exercise can be enjoyable. Working out in groups can help you make friends for life. The bonding between workout buddies is the best. You do not feel bored and also indulge in a healthy competition.

Best Exercises for a small group personal training:

A small group personal training is the ultimate combination if you want to focus on your health. Both the trainer and the client enjoy the workout session. These workout sessions generally have less than ten clients per trainer so that every client gets personalized attention, just like one-on-one training. There are a few exercises that work best in such personal training sessions. It basically depends on the group’s goal, equipment available, and the space availability.

  1. Equipment Based Training

Small personal group training can work out the best if you can arrange for some easily available equipment like barbells, suspension trainers, or kettlebells. A small group training session can include a variation of push-ups, rows, lunges, mountain climbers, and curls using the suspension trainers. A session using the kettlebell can involve exercises like the swings, plank rows, Squats, and figure eights. The trainer can switch between the exercises and make a schedule for the clients depending on the areas of improvement.

  1. Circuit Training for the group

Circuit training is another great strategy for small group personal training if the equipment is limited. The trainer can set up circuits that need to be repeated by the clients. A circuit will have a mix of upper body and lower body exercises along with some cardio. It may include high knee marches, running on the spot, or jumping jacks to elevate the heart rate. The circuit can get tougher as the fitness level of the clients improves. The new clients can start with normal strength exercises like lunges, bodyweight squats, biceps curls, push-ups, and lateral pull-downs. The advanced exercises may include squats with shoulder press and different types of lunges mixed with biceps curls for a greater challenge.

  1. Goal Specific

Small group personal training can be designed keeping in mind the common goal of the small group. For example, the group may be preparing for athletic training. The exercises for this specific type of group are designed keeping in mind the goal to train the muscles used in that particular sport and overcome the client’s weakness.

Here, the trainer will focus on the quadriceps, step-ups, or lunges for the specific demands that a particular muscle group needs. The trainer may focus on shoulder exercises and core rotation for another set of clients to provide more power and strength. The best small group personal training sessions focus on the ultimate goals. For example, a trainer might have a weight-loss group or a senior citizen group. The needs and demands of both the groups are different. For example, the weight-loss group will need compound exercises to burn maximum calories. The trainer will include pull-ups, push-ups, and squats in the schedule. A senior citizen group focuses on better balance and motor skills development. The trainer may include low step-ups, the ball passes, or the one-legged toe touch.

The bottom line:

Regular exercise is needed to feel better, improve the health and stay fresh. Exercising is fun if done in small groups. You must get involved in some kind of aerobic activity daily. Set a goal for at least 3-4 hours of moderate activity per week. You may combine some vigorous and moderate activity for better results. For greater health benefits and weight loss, you need to be consistent in your activity. Be a part of a small personal group and indulge in some strength training exercises that will help your muscle groups. You must participate in such training sessions at least two times per week.

Moderate exercise involves brisk walking, biking, swimming, and jogging. Vigorous exercise includes running or aerobic dancing. You may enroll in a group session to make these activities fun. Strength training will include the use of own body weight, weight machines, heavy bags, resistance paddles, or activities like rock climbing. Doing such activities in a small personal group will make them more interesting. If you are keen to lose weight or stick to your fitness goals and get better benefits, you must join a personal training session that can help you reach the desired target.

But also remember to consult your doctor before you begin a new exercise program if you have previous health concerns, chronic health problems, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or you have not exercised in the past. Be regular and reap the benefits of good health!