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best semi private classes at BetterU Performance

S.W.E.A.T. Sessions

Elevate your fitness while balancing your busy schedule with our Semi-Private Group Training tailored for working professionals. Join like-minded peers and expert trainers in small, convenient sessions that fit your lifestyle. Achieve your health and fitness goals effectively while building a strong sense of community within your professional network. Join us today and experience the perfect fitness solution for your career-driven life.

sports performance training class at BetterU Performance

Sports Performance Training

Designed to boost strength, speed, and agility, this dynamic program will help you reach your peak performance on the field or court.

Dumbbells & Diapers class at BetterU Performance

Dumbbells & Diapers

Our mission, was to create a space for YOU! The Moms out there who are ready to get back to their heath and fitness and be able to train with your baby by your side! You are STRONG! You are BEAUTIFUL! You are READY to train safe, with your baby, and have some fun in an amazing community of moms like YOU! Come train with US!

one one one training classes at at BetterU Performance

One on One Training

Experience personalized fitness like never before with our One-on-One Strength Training program. Tailored to your unique goals and abilities, our certified trainers will guide you through customized workouts, ensuring you build strength, endurance, and confidence. Take the first step towards your fitness journey and transform your body with us today!

Youth Performance Training clases at Better U Performance

Youth Performance Training

Empower young athletes to excel with our Youth Performance Training program. Designed to enhance strength, speed, and agility while focusing on injury prevention and skill development, our dedicated coaches provide a safe and motivating environment for youth to thrive in sports and fitness. Give your child the competitive edge and watch them shine on and off the field with us!


Yoga / Mobility

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being with our Yoga and Mobility classes. Immerse yourself in the ancient practice of yoga, combined with modern mobility techniques, to improve flexibility, reduce stress, and find balance in your life. Join our welcoming community and reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit as you embrace the path to greater vitality and serenity.


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